Local action film “Mahaguru” has released its first teaser trailer to the public yesterday, and the audience are shocked by it.

Though most of them are appalled by the horrible video and audio quality, most people couldn’t believe that this film will actually be released in cinemas.



The teaser was first released on Twitter by FilemKita. After seeing the 43-second video, netizens were dumbfounded by the bad quality questioning if it is an old movie made in the 90s or a bad movie parody.

Some commenters even said that the movie seems like an old Malaysian advertisement about Aedes mosquito.  

Directed by veteran filmmaker Z. Lokman, “Mahaguru” aims to raise the prestige of Malay films and restore the glory of local film industry as told by veteran actor Datuk Mokhtaruddin Mohd Said.

The 64-year-old who is the lead actor of the movie told Harian Metro earlier this year that he is disappointed with the current Malay films and drama series that do not reflect the reality and fail to provide meaningful message to the audience.

“70 percent of the movie focuses on silat (Southeast Asian martial art) while the other 30 percent discusses about Islam. The story tells the struggle to fight for the throne and the everyday life of Malay community,” he told the daily.

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