There is a reason why Jacky Cheung (张学友)’s concerts are always sold out. Fans aren’t just showing up to hear him sing, there’s a whole production value involved that guarantees to leave a lasting impression.

Despite only performing at the same venue in Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil for a 3-day concert 9 months ago, his “A Classic Tour” encore sold out all 36,000 tickets for another 3-night shows taking place this week. Having said that, more than half of the audience last night (Friday, 5th October) were experiencing “A Classic Tour” for the first time.

Jacky Cheung


Cheung’s latest “A Classic Tour”, which started all the way back in October 2016, celebrates its 192nd, 193rd, and 194th worldwide tour this weekend. His previous Malaysian shows were the 132nd, 133rd and 134th. Impressive isn’t it? The Cantopop King will be wrapping “A Classic Tour” in Hong Kong come January 2019, which will mark a new record of 220 shows in total.

The concert venue in Axiata Arena was turned into a spectacular four-sided stage with giant LED screens that changed throughout the show to showcase plenty of visual effects. The entire stage consisted of movable components, rising and falling with the melodies while morphing seamlessly from molten lava to flowing waterfalls. At one point it looked like rotating compass, and another, resembling a 3-tier cake. It was a dazzling treat for the eyes for sure.

At 8pm sharp, the 57-year-singer launched into 8 songs back-to-back without much pause. When it came time to interact with the predominantly Chinese Malaysians that turned up that night, Cheung expressed his comfortability in being speaking in Cantonese – a language he’s more fluent in.

The stadium was also treated like part of the stage. Concert-goer were given a glow stick that synchronised to the music and production, which changed colour to match the song during the show. Since it was hard to see everyone, Cheung requested all in attendance to wave their glow sticks to let him know that he’s doing a good job. It was like an ocean of magical stars when everybody’s glow sticks were flickering and swaying from side to side.

There were so many highlights throughout the show. When he performed “The Departed”, a life-sized white origami boat surfaced from beneath. The stage floor was transform into a body water as the boat sailed around the stage as he serenaded the crowd.

As per tradition, Cheung would play a “little game” using a kiss cam where the couple that displayed the cutest and most lovey-dovey display of affection will receive a special prize before the end of the concert. As he sang “She Comes To Listen To My Concert”, the kiss cam panned to a number of unsuspecting couples and families.


The lucky couple was later projected to the large screen on stage. When Cheung realised that the woman was pregnant, he jokingly asked if they were married, adding that it’s a-okay even if they aren’t. The pop star also added that he hope they’re expecting a boy.

The special gift was a photo frame of the couple kissing, signed by the singer himself, with a lovely message wishing that the husband and wife, together with their child will be happy forever. Aw…

During “Spring Wind Autumn Rain” and “Your Name My Surname”, the stage was transformed into a mini cathedral with impressive LED screens. For his last number  “Blessing”, we got to see the dancers dressed as dancing kings and queens with giant portraits of drumming soldiers.

Despite all the futuristic glitz and glamour, the brightest star of the night was undoubtably the “Heavenly King” himself. His voice remains the biggest attraction out of the entire production. Whether he’s performing an upbeat number, or delivering an emotional song, his vocals always come through. At 57, his stamina is superhuman.

Cheung previously said that he named the show “A Classic Tour” because “he wanted to perform the songs in the most classic way possible, harking back to a show he once did in 1987 which had a similar four-sided stage”. With 57 albums and 30 years worth of songs under his belt, it’ll take more than a 3-hour concert to perform everything.

So, the God of Songs did the next best thing during his encore – he string together some of his biggest hits (including “Kiss Goodbye”, “Every Day I Love You More” and “Amour”, among others) into a 14-track medley.

The superstar was obviously on his A-game, but how did we as the audience fare? Cheung scored us a generous 100 marks. “Since I’ve already gave the first night 100, will tomorrow’s crowd hit 101?” the singer joked.

Jacky Cheung’s “A Classic Tour” setlist:

“我与你”, “非常夏日”, “今晚要尽情”, “离人”, “这么近那么远”, “怎么舍得你”, “爱火花”, “忘记他”, “她来听我的演唱会”, “我真的受伤了”, “头发乱”, “和好不如初”, “寂寞的男人”, “遥远的他”, “野猫之恋”, “饿狼传说”, “如果这都不算爱”, “我醒着做梦”, “不经不觉”, “春风秋雨”, “你的名字我的姓氏”, “爱是永恒”, “祝福”.


“用余生去爱/ 给朋友/ 心如刀割/ 不老的传说/ 离开以后/ 一千个伤心的理由/ 只想一生跟你走/ 我等到花儿也谢了/ 分手总要在雨天/ 吻别/ 每天爱你多一些/ 李香兰/ AMOUR/ 情已逝”, “如果爱”.

Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung’s “A Classic Tour” is organised by Star Planet and Impact Entertainment, and supported by Allianz Malaysia Berhad and Goldsands Hotel Langkawi.

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