It would be a dream come true to have your favourite own Marvel superhero created in your image right? Just ask G.E.M. (real name Gloria Tang Tsz-kei/ 鄧紫棋).

During Stan Lee’s Comic Universe in Shanghai, POW! Entertainment (co-founded by the legendary comic-book writer himself) unveiled a new original female superhero named Jewel. The Marvel character was inspired by the Chinese singer herself.

Source: POW! Entertainment

The heroine’s name – Jewel – is based on the singer’s stage name G.E.M. The 27-year-old pop star recently took to Instagram to express her excitement of having a superhero in her image. “Super excited! What do you think of my superpowers?” she asked. Although not much is known about Jewel’s abilities, many fans suggests that it could be her powerhouse vocals.


Stan Lee and G.E.M. bonded right away upon meeting for the first time in Hong Kong in December 2017. When Stan revealed that he was working on a Chinese superhero, many suspected that the icon was already making plans with the singer.

Source: Fan Piece

Here’s a description by Billboard Radio China:

The storyline of character is G.E.M., known to millions worldwide, a successful recording artist who is on her world tour. However, a mysterious incident happens that is connected to her grandmother and charm bracelet she wears where she develops these super powers and needs to keep them hidden. She disguises herself with a costume and calls herself JEWEL as she battles villains with super powers while dealing with her daily life of a pop star on a global tour.”

POW! Entertainment recently shared that it was a no-brainer to turn G.E.M. into a superhero seeing as how she “epitomises awe-inspiring talent and girl-power in her strong performances and influential lyrics”. We couldn’t agree more.

To all the fans out there, any guesses on what other superpowers Jewel might have?


Source: Billboard Radio China.

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