The gang from “Young & Dangerous” have finally reunited in a new crime-action film titled “Golden Job” which follows 5 former mercenaries who get together for one last heist.

Over the weekend, the main cast of the movie including Ekin Chan, Chin Ka-lok, Eric Tsang, and Jerry Lamb were in Malaysia to promote the movie.


According to Eric Tsang, Malaysia was chosen as the final destination of their tour because the country has the most enthusiastic and warm-hearted fans.

“I’m very familiar with Malaysia. I’ve shot many films and series here, and I love that the people here are always so warm and welcoming,” Eric said during “Golden Job” press conference.

When director Chin Ka-lok was talking about the relationship between the 5 main cast, Eric Tsang who was also the executive producer of “Golden Job” was seen secretly dozing off on his chair.

Source: Laksou

“The 5 of us (Ekin, Jordan, Michael, Jerry and Chin) have known each other for 22 years, so we’re very comfortable with each other and we’re used to each others’ antics,” Chin explained.

“We’ve discussed almost everything among each other including the script, lines, and we even come out with each others’ names for the movie.”

Chin said that the co-stars relationship has gotten even closer via the movie as they spent 11 months together. Before continuing his talk, Chin noticed that Eric has fallen asleep so he whispered to the audience, “Let’s not talk so loud, the Prize Master (獎門人 – Eric’s nickname from his famous variety show “The Super Trio series”) is sleeping”. 

After Chin said that, the audience burst in laughter, which in turn woke Eric up.


Chin paid homage to the famous variety show, explaining that their close relationship was also nurtured during his days in the “Super Trio Series” where he and Jerry were the assistants of Eric back then.

Source: TVB USA

This is not the first time Eric fell asleep at a press conference. When promoting the movie in Taiwan, the actor was also caught sleeping on his chair.

Director Chin expressed his gratitude to Eric, adding that “Golden Job” would never have happened if Eric Tsang didn’t give him the push that he needs.

“The 5 of us talked about this before that it has been 18 years since we starred in a film together. We wanted to make it happen but we couldn’t find the right opportunity and direction,” Chin Ka-lok said.

“So 3 years ago, Eric approach me with a story because he believed that I would be the right candidate to direct the film and he wanted all 5 of us in the movie.”

“That’s why I can say this outright, if Eric didn’t approach me back then. You wouldn’t be seeing all of 5 of us on screen today,” he added.

Chin Ka-lok said that many fans loved seeing the brotherhood and bromance between the 5 of them, which Eric joked “You don’t get to see this kind of gay action film in cinemas.”

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