Marvel’s new superhero movie “Venom” will be released in Malaysian cinemas tomorrow on 4th October 2018.

But several media including Hype Malaysia who watched the movie preview yesterday were shocked to find out that our country Malaysia actually plays a role in the movie.

(*Minor spoiler alert, read at your own risk)


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At the start of the movie, we are shown that some sort of experiment has gone wrong in the outer space, causing a spaceship to crash land on earth, and the spot it landed is none other than Sibu, Sarawak.

The blockbuster movie even shows a map of East Malaysia as the scientists try to locate the location of the spaceship.

As a team of mercenaries is dispatched into the Sibu forest to search for the spaceship, you can hear that one of the team members played by Chinese American Michelle Lee, speaks several lines in Bahasa Malaysia.


It is not known if Lee is playing a Malaysian character or if her character somehow knows how to speak the language, but according to “Venom’s” IMDb page, her character in the movie is called Donna Diego.

Now, if you are a huge Marvel fan, you would know that Donna Diego is the name of supervillainess Scream from the “Spider-Man” comic book series. She is one of the six alien symbiotes similar to Venom.

We’re pretty sure that the film was never really shot in Malaysia, because the shooting locations listed in several sites, are only places in San Francisco which include Russian Hill, North Beach, Chinatown, and the Financial District.

Nevertheless, it is great to see “Venom” featuring some scenes that are based in Malaysia such as a night market supposedly in Sarawak which we assume is actually taken in Chinatown, and another at Sarawak Airport which we believe is not the actual location either.

Lee doesn’t seem to have a huge role in the movie, but her character might gain prominence if there is a follow-up to “Venom” since Donna Diego plays quite a big role in “Spider-Man” comics.

Psst, did you know that “Venom” also has 2 post-credits scenes? Find out more here.

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