Malaysian fashionista Neelofa is truly a trendsetter. Whatever she wears, even if it looks ridiculous, many would still follow. But this time, people are doing it just to make fun of her!

In one of her recent photos, the 29-year-old celebrity has promoted a new bag by Sometime By Asian Designers, but the fashion item that’s gotten the people’s attention is not the bag but her leather headwear which seems to look like a bag itself.


Though the photo was shared in late August, it seems to have been recently picked up on Twitterverse and its residents have been creatively parodying the photo, turning it into a hilarious meme!

This is not the first time Neelofa becomes a meme. Previously, she was also trolled by netizens for wearing something that looks like a 3D glasses at KLFW.

So what do you guys think of the netizens’ creativity. Pretty hilarious, right? Check out more hilarious entries on Twitter!

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