High fashion is a concept that is hard to comprehend especially among normies. So when certain celebrities wear outfits that normal people don’t, everyone starts to go crazy. Remember Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus?

During KLFW 2018 last week, many local celebrities showed up in their very own unique ensembles. While some are praised for their creativity and individuality, others are slammed for trying too hard, and one particular celebrity who is currently receiving a lot of dislikes is Malaysia’s hijabi star Neelofa.



On the last day of KLFW 2018, Neelofa appeared in a bright red Gucci combo from head to toe with leather sling bag, turban and sunglasses, but many are not liking her look, claiming that she is trying too hard to stand out from the rest.

From her overall ensemble, her sunglasses seems to be getting the most attention from netizens, mostly because it looks like the 3D glasses we wear at the cinemas. So, many pokes fun at the actress saying that she forgot to return the glasses after watching a movie.


Other than her unique bold red look, some netizens are also dissatisfied that Neelofa is wearing an international brand to the local fashion show instead of wearing a local brand, though many defended her explaining that her outfit was sponsored by Gucci Malaysia.


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