Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin may or may not already have tied the knot. Just yesterday though (Tuesday, 25th September), it was reported that the couple showed up at a wedding unannounced.

A British couple had a pleasant surprised when their wedding ceremony at luxury Italian hotel, Belmond Hotel Caruso, was gatecrashed by the famous Hollywood lovebirds.

Source: SWNS via Daily Mail

Rebecca Reed-Sperrin and Stefan Johansen were celebrating the happiest day of their lives overlooking the picturesque Amalfi coast when Bieber, 24, and Baldwin, 21, were photographed spying on their big day from afar.


Future Mr. and Mrs. Biebs, who recently got engaged, have been spending quality time  away from the limelight at the exclusive Italian retreat. The bride, who accepted Johansen’s proposal at the same hotel 18 months ago, shared about spotting the famous singer and model during her wedding.

Source: SWNS via Daily Mail

It was surreal. We had no idea that Justin was going to be there before flying out. They came a few days after us and ever since they arrived there were at least 30 or 40 teens outside the hotel,” Reed-Sperrin was quoted as saying.

She added, “There was security everywhere. It’s usually such a quiet resort. One of my friend’s spotted them watching during the speeches. We were talking on microphones so they would have been able to hear us. One of the guests waved and he waved back, it was really cool. Hopefully Hailey picked up some tips from my dress. I’ll have to see if she copies mine!”

Source: SWNS via Daily Mail

Are the couple annoyed at the unexpected commotion caused by Bieber’s presence? “He definitely didn’t steal my thunder. It was great to have that extra wow-factor. It’s nice that he stayed back. None of my guests got up to take photos or anything, the focus was still on our wedding. The venue is such an amazing place. It’s so romantic,” the bride recalled.

It believed that Bieber and his fiancee left the Italy vacation spot following their 4-day getaway.

Source: Daily Mail.

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