In conjunction with the 25th anniversary of Japanese pop band TRF (TK Rave Factory), group leader DJ Koo has collaborated with Malaysia’s multitalented Chinese artist Namewee (黃明志) to release a special remix version of their top hit “Boy Meets Girl”.

Retitled as “Boy Meets Girl 2020”, the song was a collaboration between the production company behind Namewee’s viral earworm hit “Tokyo Bon 2020”, Cool Japan TV along with one of the largest music entertainment companies, Avex Entertainment and also NSP Entertainment.

Presented in multilingual lyrics including English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, the music video featured viral sensation PIKOTARO, Olympic gold medalist skater Hiroyasu Shimizu, traditional dancer Ukon Takafuji, J-pop trio callme, and Aeon’s mascot Lala from Molly Fantasy.

The Bon dance version of TRF’s remix song also gathered Asia’s Top YouTubers such as Nana Liang, Shen Lim, MaoMaoTV, Yvonne Chua, ErnestDoCrazy, and more.

The music video features clips from the original “Boy Meets Girl” as well as the 1st live performance of the song at Paris, France during “Japan Expo 2018” when Namewee was invited by Cool Japan TV to represent Japan in France back in July. The Bon dance was choreographed by Ukon Takafuji, the heir of the Takafuji clan with over 100 years of history.

“With the upcoming 2020 Olympics, Japan will be the growing center-of-attraction. We hope to bring about Japan’s culture and appeal to everyone through the traditional Japanese Bon dance,” DJ Koo said in a statement.

TRF is a pop band started in early 90s consisting of leader DJ Koo, lead vocalist Yu-ki, dancers Chiharu, Etsu and Sam. Sam was married to J-pop queen Amuro Namie, and they both has a son named Haruto.

A different remix version of “Boy Meets Girl” was used in 2000 as one of the ending themes of “UFO Baby” anime series, and in 2013, it was covered by girl group Prizmmy☆ as the opening theme for “Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live” series.

When Namewee was asked if this song will go viral like “Tokyo Bon 2020” which has now garnered more 38.15 milion views, he said, “I don’t think so because this song is very decent and lyrics are meaningful,” adding that “Tokyo Bon” is a song that many “loves to hate yet loves to watch”.

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