Are y’all enjoying “Asia’s Next Top Model” cycle 6 so far?

Now that we’ve entered episode 4, it’s no secret that everyone has their own favourites in the competition. Every episode, audiences will get to see who excels in the photoshoot and who ends up in the bottom. As usual, some would agree with the judges’ decision, others would cry foul.

Asia’s Next Top Model
Source: Fox Life

Every week, the models would interact with fans after the new episode airs on the small screen. Some would do a live chat on social media, while others like Mia Sabathy would upload a YouTube video to recap on what went on behind the scenes.


Earlier this week, Malaysia’s very own Rubini Sambanthan responded to a fan’s reaction on episode 3’s results. The Instagram user named ntm2003 commented on how impressive Rubini’s edgy look is.

I don’t know why the judges scored her so low since (the 1st) week. In my opinion, she deserved a higher placement. She takes a lot of fierce shots. I hope she (makes it far and wins it)!” the fan added.

Source: Instagram

Rubini agreed with the fan; adding her 2 cents: “I am actually surprised to see my scoring from the judges and honesty I am over it (cause) there is nothing I could do ’bout it“. Although it’s frustrating to have no control over the matter, there is a silver lining. “I am really happy to receive so much love from all of you guys,” the 27-year-old beauty commented.

Episode 3’s photoshoot required the girls to work with a pet dog while selling a brand new Subaru XV. Rubini was placed 5th – getting good scores from Cindy (9.5) and guest judges Glenn (8) and Vatanika (8). However, Yu Tsai only gave a mere 5.5.

You don’t have to look far – just take a look at the comments section at Asia’s Next Top Model’s official Facebook page and there are over 100 comments calling it unfair. Then again, this is how the Top Model franchise operates. The contestants have no say on what photo gets selected. Ultimately, they are at the mercy of the judges and the show’s producers.

Since it premiered on 22nd August, “Asia’s Next Top Model” cycle 6 has received a stellar response from from viewers in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore. In Malaysia alone, the reality competition saw an uplift of 79% to the FOX Life channel ratings.

Tune in to “Asia’s Next Top Model” cycle 6 on FOX Life Astro CH 711 and 722 (HD), and unifi TV CH 455 to see who will triumph in weekly challenges.

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