Now that “Crazy Rich Asians” is smashing record left and right around the world, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is probably regretting the decision to be featured in the Jon M. Chu-directed movie.

“Crazy Rich Asians” prides itself in pushing for Asian representation in Hollywood. So why did Singapore Airlines turned down this golden opportunity? Word on the street has it that the carrier may have opted out due to fears of misrepresentation.

Singapore Airlines
Source: Warner Bros.

In speaking with The Wrap, film producer Nina Jacobson admitted that they were taken aback SIA choose to decline the chance for product placement considering the films setting is in Singapore. It makes sense, no? Especially with the luxurious flights and ultra-wealthy outlook it portrays.


It was going to be an ad for Singapore Airlines! But they were not sure the movie would represent the airline and their customer in a good light. People want what Richard Curtis’ movies (“Love, Actually”, “Notting Hill”) do for England — they make you want to visit the country,” co-producer Brad Simpson added.

Singapore Airlines
Source: Warner Bros.

If you ask Jon M. Chu though, he thinks at the time, people just weren’t sure about the direction of “Crazy Rich Asians”. He shared, “People didn’t have faith in this movie. They didn’t know what this movie was. It seems obvious now, but when we were making it, everyone thought it was a little movie and they were very suspicious about what we were trying to do.”

Ultimately, the production went with an imaginary airline — Pacific Asean Airlines. Maybe SIA will consider to be in the sequels?

Source: The Independent.

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