“Crazy Rich Asians” is making history as the first major Hollywood movie to feature Asian-Americans in leading roles, in addition to having an all-Asian cast.

If there’s one thing the Jon M. Chu-directed film exudes, it’s decadence, thanks to the luxury locations across Hong Kong, Singapore, and our very own country. That’s right, Malaysia was able to play host to this cast of “crazy rich Asians”.

Here are 7 Malaysian destinations to look out for in the movie:


1. Carcosa Seri Negara

Source: Traveloka

For a short period, Carcosa Seri Negara was the home of Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh’s Eleanor Young. Besides being known as a Asian Heritage Museum, many locals and tourists alike frequent the 5-star boutique hotel for its delightful afternoon tea and its luxurious suites.

You can check out this video of breaking down the scene here:

2. Be-landa House

Last year, a family of 5 opened their stunning house in Kuala Lumpur to 100 cast and crew members from “Crazy Rich Asians”. Jan and Ineke Hofstede’s Be-landa House was built on stilts among the treetops on a jungle hillside by a Toronto architect. In one scene, you’ll find Eleanor Young reading passages from the Bible while her guests gossip over tea.

3. Cameron Highlands

Source: Booking.com

Cameron Highlands is one of the best destinations in Malaysia to get away from the city and unwind. Smell the fresh air and listen to birds chirping… After a disastrous encounter with his mother and grandmother, Nick (played by Henry Golding) and Rachel (portrayed by Constance Wu) had a falling out. Some of those scenes were apparently shot at The Lakehouse.

4. Christ Church Malacca

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Outstanding for its red walls, Christ Church is also one of the most popular filming locations in Malaysia. Movie-goers will get witness Nick and Rachel stopping by Malacca for a momentous moment.

5. Penang’s Cheong Fatt Sze Mansion

Source: Pinterest

A scene between Eleanor and Rachel will take place at the courtyard in Cheong Fatt Sze Mansion. Chinese merchant Cheong Fatt Sze previously build his Penang home as a tribute to his heritage and to pass it on to his future descendants. The architecture here has a juxtaposition of Eastern and Western styles. Malay Mail notes that “Scottish cast-iron balusters can be found alongside Cantonese timber lattices, while English Art Nouveau stained glass is featured with Hokkien cut-and-paste porcelain Chien Nien works”.

We shot all the London scenes in Penang and we stripped down the whole Blue Mansion so that we could bring in our own decor pieces to make it the Mahjong hall,” production designer Nelson Coates was quoted as saying.


6. Rawa Island, Langkawi

Source: Warner Bros.

Nelson Coates also shared, “Due to logistics and time constraints, we even had to make Langkawi look like it was 2 different places for the bachelor and bachelorette party scenes“.

Nick’s buddy Colin Khoo throws a bachelor party fiasco while holidaying on the shipping container. Shooting for this scene took place on Langkawi Island, or “Rawa Island” as it is called in the film. For those that don’t know, Langkawi is only an hour’s flight from Kuala Lumpur.

We took a boat around some bends in Langkawi where all of these rocks just jut out of the water. We only took a small crew, like 10 of us, to shoot the scene on the raft,” the filmmaker recalled.

7. Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Source: Four Seasons

As aforementioned, while the groom’s bachelor party took place at Langkawi Island, Araminta Lee’s bachelorette party scenes were shot at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. Each beachfront villa has its own spa room and private plunge pool here. The highlight is of course, the hotel’s picturesque beachfront views.

Other honourable mentions:

  • Astor Bar at The St. Regis KL
  • Naza Towers at Platinum Park
  • Putrajaya (the scene where Rachel is teaching her students in a university)
  • KLIA2
  • Subang airport (private jet scene)
  • Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) in Serdang

“Crazy Rich Asians” opens in Malaysian cinemas this 22nd August.

Sources: MMO, The Star, MSN, CN Traveler, Star Online.

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