Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna is a true artist, not only in the musical or fashion departments, but also on Instagram.

How many of you have taken notice of the singer’s Instagram posts? Cos’ if you pay close attention, you will notice that Yuna takes her Instagram feed to a whole new level as each of her photo and video (the recent ones) sort of link together, forming an artistic background image.


A Twitter user pointed this out noting that while we’re still living in 2018, Yuna is already in 3018 or maybe 5018. The 31-year-old talent then retweeted the post with a reply, “I’m from the future.”

Yuna’s tweet has now gotten over 1.2k retweets and 1.7k likes at the time of writing.

Though many commented that Yuna is not the only celebrity who did this and this is also not the 1st time she planned such postings, the Twitter user defended saying that so far Yuna is the only local celebrity she noticed that carefully and artistically decorated her Instagram posts.

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