It hasn’t even been a year since Chris Pratt split up with his ex-wife Anna Farris, now he already found a new love in his life!

The 39-year-old “Guardians of the Galaxy” were recently spotted kissing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 28-year-old daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger after a church date on Sunday.

Source: Daily Mail UK

Things seem to be serious between Pratt and Schwarzenegger since the two smooched right in front of Pratt’s 5-year-old son Jack, and an insider has even confirmed that the relationship is official.


“Chris is now in a place in his life where he wants to move on to a new relationship and fall in love, and his radar is all on Katherine,” the insider claims.

Source: Daily Mail UK

“They are having an amazing time getting to know each other and things feel very natural. She is very familiar with celebrity so it’s very comforting for him that he doesn’t have to worry that she has other intentions. It’s a completely new type of relationship for him because he really wants to make it work and not have to play any games. It’s important for him to make this work,” the person told Hollywood Life.

Source: Hollywood Life / Featured Image: Daily Mail UK.

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