“The Originals” will be ending for good after season 5 but there is a new show on the horizon!

“The Vampire Diaries” is set to introduced yet another spin-off, titled “Legacies”. The upcoming series will follow 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson (played by Danielle Rose Russell) after the events of “The Originals” finale.

Source: The CW

On the last season of ‘The Originals’, Hope screamed and cried a lot. It’s been really nice to see Hope have a little bit of normalcy. It’s been nice to infuse my own teenage experience in this role. In those 2 years, a lot has happened…she’s changed a lot, she’s matured a lot. She’s battling all these different things inside of her, (including being) one of her kind,” Russell was quoted as saying.


“Legacies” will essentially focus on the next generation of supernatural teens at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, which is run by Alaric Saltzman (portrayed by Matthew Davis). Here’s a fun fact: Davis is the only actor who has appeared in the mothership, which is TVD and its spinoffs (so far).

I’ve been pleasantly surprised. When Alaric was brought on in season 1 (of TVD), it was only supposed to be a 4-episode arc. I’m glad Alaric pulled off the hat trick.… I’m thrilled we get to do this trilogy,” the 40-year-old actor said.


Besides being a father figure for Hope, we’ll also get to see Alaric fathering his twin daughters Josie and Lizzie. There’ll be plenty of father-daughter drama, not to mention tension with Hope.

(The twins are) definitely a product of their upbringing. That was the most exciting thing for me — seeing the personalities of my daughters emerge. I love the relationships between Alaric and his daughters.…You’ll see Alaric has a fatherly relationship with Hope, and that creates an attention struggle with his daughters and Hope,” Davis shared.

Source: TV LIne

Good news fans of Caroline Forbes, creator Julie Plec said, “We will hear her name a lot, and, if I get my way, we’ll see her face as often as we can.” Besides her, Sheriff Matt Donovan and Alaric’s assistant, Dorian, will be appearing in “Legacies”.

If that’s not exciting enough, actor Paul Wesley will direct an episode during the 1st season of “Legacies”.  The 1st official trailer recently debut during the show’s Comic-Con panel in San Diego. “This is a story of magic. Of secrets and betrayals. First loves and first heartbreaks. It’s a story of friendship and family, of battling our own demons so we can face the monsters around us,” says Hope.


Watch the clip here:

“Legacies” premieres on The CW on 25th October.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter.

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