What would you do if you found out that Asian superstar Jay Chou has photobombed your photo? You’d probably frame it and hang the photo on your house wall – cos’ that’s what we would do!

So apparently, the internet is now abuzz by photo of a Chinese couple who was taking their wedding photoshoot in New York’s Central Station, but to their surprise, their once-in-a-lifetime wedding photo features a very familiar face, and it turns out that the person is none other than Mandapop star Jay Chou!


That’s not all, Jay Chou was not the only person who accidentally photobombing the photo. Turns out that his wife Hannah Quilivan and daughter Hathaway were also in the photo.

Netizen was amused by the appearance of the celebrity family in the photo and met of them expressed their envy towards the Chinese newlywed. Some of their comments include “You’re so lucky!”, “The wedding photo worth so much more now”, “So jealous”, etc.

So would you mind if Jay Chou suddenly photobomb your photo? Let us know!

Source / Featured Image: Chinese Herald.

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