Is that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry posing selfies together? Even we had to do a double take when we came across these photos.

The pop queens, who have been famously been involved in a long-standing feud, had put their Bad Blood behind them. But all isn’t as it seems, as these 2 ladies were celebrity doppelgangers posing as uncanny lookalikes of the famous entertainers.

Source: Alison Jackson Studio/ Hits Radi

These lookalikes come across really convincing don’t they? The duo certainly turned heads during their fun day out in Manchester. “Taylor” came prepared for the hot weather as she was seen in a casual white crop-top and flattering pink shorts. “Katy”, on the other hand, wore stylish electric blue trousers and leopard print top.


Shot by photographer Alison Jackson, the Taylor and Katy lookalikes were managed to enjoy a shopping spree in Exchange Square. The pair definitely turned heads as they pose for selfies with each other and toast to a bottle of Prosecco in the sunshine. The girls even stopped by a tattoo parlour to get matching heart-shaped BFFs tattoos.

Source: Alison Jackson Studio/ Hits Radi

The A-list pop stars fell out when Tay Tay claimed that the “Firework” stole 3 of her backup dancers from her “Red” tour. 2 years later, the Grammy winner released the single “Bad Blood”. Last year, Katy retaliate by putting out “Swish Swish”. They recently made amends when Katy delivered an actual olive branch with an apology letter to Taylor.

We’re huge fans of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry at Hits Radio, and were thrilled when Taylor revealed that Katy had reached out to her. We hoped that whilst both in the UK this month they may use the opportunity to get together, and so decided to bring this moment to life. We hope it brings a smile to the nation,” a spokesperson for Hits Radio shared.

Katy Perry

Even though things may not be quite as they appear, we are sure these shots will put a song into the heart of Katy and Taylor’s fans worldwide,” Alison added.

We couldn’t agree more. Hopefully this brings Katycats and Swifties together too 😉

Sources: Manchester Evening News, The Sun UK.

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