Highlight’s Yoon Dujun has been prohibited from overseas travel by a new amendment in the Military Service Act.

South Korean male over 25 year old, who haven’t served in the military yet, must receive permission from the Military Manpower Administration to travel outside of their country. However, a new amendment that took effect on 29th May adds a limitation on the amount and duration on their travels abroad.

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Around Us Entertainment posted a notice on their website yesterday (Thursday, 7th June), informing fans of the unfortunate event.


It read:

Hello. This is Around US Entertainment. First of all, we’re sorry to share this unfortunate news. Due to the partial amendments made in the Military Service Act on 29th May 2018, it has become difficult for Highlight’s Yoon Dujun to go abroad. Therefore, Yoon Dujun will not be participating in the Hanoi K-food event scheduled for 9th June and the Bangkok fan meeting on 24th June.

We ask for the generous understanding of fans in and out of the country who have shown appreciation and love for the group Highlight. For those who have already purchased tickets to the Bangkok fan meeting and wish to cancel, we will do our best to make sure that the appropriate measures are taken and that no one suffers any damages through discussions about cancellation with the local company in charge. Thank you.

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In an update, the Military Manpower Association explained, “The reformed overseas travel permit regulations are supplementary to the existing regulations because the short-term overseas travel permit has been widely abused as a method of postponing military enlistment. Individuals who are between the ages of 25 to 27 (28 if the individual is enrolled in a doctoral program, attending school, or has delayed enlistment) are eligible for a short-term overseas travel permit.

To put it in simple terms, those who are between 25 to 27 can have short-term travels abroad limited to 5 times a year and up to 6 months at a time. Those who are above 28 year old are not allowed to delay their enlistment via abroad travels.

Since Dujun was born in 1989 and is 29 years old, he isn’t eligible for the overseas travel permit. Fellow member Junhyung is of the same age, but seems unaffected by the amendment.

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The Highlight leader is expected to enlist within this year, along with Junhyung. Other 89-liners who have enlisted include BIGBANG’s Daesung, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, and CNBLUE’s Yonghwa.

Sources: soompi (1) (2), Reddit, Koreaboo, OH_mes.

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