It has been almost a month since Jackie Chan’s estranged, illegal daughter confessed that she is homeless and is currently looking for her dad, so when the press in China finally got the chance to ask the 64-year-old martial artist about it, Chan can be seen dodging the question by covering his ears.

In a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony at Bengbu, Anhui province, reporters were flocking the actor, and one of them loudly questioned if he was aware of his daughter’s current situation.

Source: On CC

As the question was asked, Chan can be seen smiling while placing his hands over his ears, as he walked towards his car and not responding to any of the reporters’ question.


Some believe that the Chinese actor was just covering his ears due to the loud noises as all the reporters were shouting different questions to him, but the particular one regarding her daughter was clearly heard as seen in the video by On CC.

According to Coconuts Hong Kong, the “Rush Hour” actor had just purchased four historic wood-structured buildings that date back to the late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and is celebrating the restoration of the buildings.

Source: On CC

Three weeks ago, Chan’s daughter, Etta Ng and her girlfriend Andi Autumn posted a YouTube video, claiming that they are homeless, thus seeking help from the internet.

No news about the couple is heard since then, and her mother Elaine Ng – whom Chan had an extra-marital affair with – had filed a missing persons report.

Source: Coconuts Hong Kong

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