6 Things You Should Know About WINNER’s New Album, ‘EVERYD4Y’

The wait is finally over!

K-pop boy group WINNER has finally dropped the music video for ‘Everyday’. The song is the title track for their sophomore album, ‘EVERYD4Y’, which contains a total of 12 songs.

Source: YG Entertainment

It has been 8 months since the group’s previous release, and understandably, fans went crazy when YG Entertainment dropped a mysterious teaser with the group’s logo in early March.


After a month-long wait, the MV is finally here. We’re not kidding when we say that the group killed it. While the heavily auto-tuned track might be a miss for some, we really liked how they incorporated that into the catchy tune. From their suave looks to the fun choreography, it is one enjoyable watch.

In case you haven’t kept yourself updated, here are some things you should know about their latest album:

1. Despite having made their debut 4 years ago, this is only their 2nd full album.

Source: YG Entertainment

After going through high-profile survival show ‘WIN: Who Is Next’ in 2013, it took them almost a year to drop their debut album, ‘2014 S/S’.

Since then, they’ve dropped 2 single albums and an extended play, but in typical YG fashion, ‘EVERYD4Y’ is only their 2nd full album. In the cutthroat K-pop industry, where idol groups typically release albums every 3 or 4 months, WINNER surprisingly has only 19 songs to their name.

Fans have been clamouring for more music, and the group has finally granted Inner Circles their wish – a full album with 12 songs.

2. The members worked on every song from the album

Source: YG Entertainment

Inner Circles couldn’t be any prouder of the idol group – the members have been credited in every single song from the album.


Rapper Mino worked on almost every song from the album, with him being credited as co-songwriter for 11 songs and co-composer for 5 songs. Leader Seungyoon worked on 9 songs, with him co-writing the lyrics for 7 songs and co-composing the melody for 9 tracks.

Seunghoon, who has only took part in the lyrics writing for their past albums, tried his hand in composing. Aside from co-writing the lyrics for 10 songs, he also co-composed 2 of the tracks.

3. The MV was directed by Grammy-winner Dave Meyers

Dave Meyers, who directed Missy Elliott’s Grammy Award-winning MV ‘Lose Control’, took charge of WINNER’s ‘Everyday’ MV. This is WINNER’s 2nd collaboration with Myers, as he also directed the MV for ‘Really Really’.

Since it was our second time working together, we were able to communicate a lot better than before,” revealed Mino.

The MV was shot at a mansion in Malibu, California, and from what we glimpsed from the teaser, the boys certainly looked like they had fun!

4. They tried their hand at different genres in ‘EVERYD4Y’

Source: YG Entertainment

From pop to disco, WINNER proved their versatility in ‘EVERYD4Y’.

Title track ‘Everyday’ is described as ‘bright pop’ and of the trap genre, but track number 7 ‘We Were’ is described as a ‘rock ballad which features a guitar blue’s melody’.

Other standout tracks include ‘For’ (a sad acoustic song about a heartbreaking breakup), ‘Hello’ (a hip-hop track with a bright playful tone), and ‘Luxury’ (a trap song with heavy piano and drum melodies).

5. ‘Raining’ and ‘Have a Good Day’ were included in WINNER’s Japanese album

Source: YG Entertainment

‘Raining’ and ‘Have a Good Day’ might sound familiar to some, as the songs were originally released in WINNER’s Japanese album, ‘Our Twenty For’. It was the group’s first official Japanese album.

The songs, which tugged on our heartstrings, was well-received by fans. Inner Circles were also extremely excited as ‘Raining’ marked Seunghoon’s first composer credit.

6. Track number 12, ‘Have a Good Day’, is rumoured to be written for late Ladies’ Code member EunB


It isn’t common knowledge, but member Mino was classmates with late Ladies’ Code member EunB. The latter passed away in a tragic car accident in 2014, which also claimed the life of member RiSe.

After ‘Have a Good Day’ was released in February, fans began speculating that it was a tribute to EunB due to the sad lyrics. In an interview, Mino also revealed the song was indeed a memorial song. He continued, “I made it a long time ago when a friend of mine left for the heaven due to a sudden accident, I made it with the heart of cherishing the memories about the friend.

There you go, 6 things you should know about WINNER’s ‘EVERYD4Y’.

To keep up on updates on the group, visit their Twitter. ‘EVERYD4Y’ is also available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Source: Reddit.