It took almost 2 months for fans to get ready for YG Entertainment’s newest K-Pop idol boy group, WINNER, to debut but at last, the highly-anticipated group has finally made their debut on 12th August!

Earlier in August, YG Entertainment announced the release date of their debut album, in which the physical album will be released on 14th August. On 12th August, WINNER dropped the album sampler for their album, “2014 S/S”, that comes with 2 new music videos for their title tracks “Empty” and “Color Ring”.


Surprisingly, their title track “Empty” was composed by B.I. of Team B while the lyrics were co-written by Team B’s Bobby and WINNER’s Minho. However, both Team B members have not appeared in the MV for “Empty” and so far there are no news about their debut either.

Rest assured, Team B’s involvement in their album hinted the possible debut of Team B in the future and YG had asked for continuous support for both of the teams from the reality-survival program, “WIN: WHO IS NEXT”.

As for their second title track, “Color Ring”, the song was composed by the leader Kang Seung-yoon together with YG producers while the lyrics were co-written by his fellow group mates Mino and Seunghoon.

The music videos for both title tracks are incredibly well-shot while the songs that were included in the album comprises of various different genres including hip hop, rock, ballad, and R&B. The physical album has not been released yet but their debut album is currently available for download on iTunes store.

The official merchandise including a poster set, bookmark set, phone case, and more are currently available at YG eShop now. Pre-order for the merchandise opens today until 18th August and the items will be shipped on 19th August. YG Entertainment will be holding a special event for those who purchased WINNER’s merchandise via the YG eShop.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has also released the official individual shots of the members in their dapper suits. Aren’t they good looking?


WINNER is expected to perform at “YG Family 2014 GALAXY Tour: Power in Singapore” on 13th and 14th September. Their label mates including 2NE1, Epik High, BIG BANG, and PSY will be performing at the concert tour as well.

For more information, visit WINNER’s official website and Facebook page.

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