It looks like Michael Bay is moving away from the world of giant robots to the world of comic book movies. In other words, we’re screwed.

According to reports by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is developing “Lobo”, a movie based on the alien bounty hunter from the world of DC. There are no official negotiations being done yet, but it is said that both parties have started talking to each other.



In the comics, Lobo is a foul-mouthed mercenary. Many comic book fans consider him to be DC’s version of Deadpool. And if that is the case, then gunning for Michael Bay to direct this movie seems like a peculiar choice, considering his horrible sense of humour, as seen in the Transformers movies.

Michael Bay is one of Hollywood’s biggest directors, known for his work on movies like “The Rock” and “Bad Boys”. However, his “Transformers” movies, besides the first one, have been critical bombs, for their lackluster storytelling and terribly misplaced and unfunny comedic moments. With that said, the “Transformers” movies, whether loved by critics or not, do make a crap ton of money globally.

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