First, let’s admit the facts: anything Jamie Dornan does is sexy and anything Ellen DeGeneres does is knee-slapping hilarious.

In Tuesday’s episode of “The Ellen Show”, Ellen DeGeneres revealed to her guest Jamie Dornan that she has been brainstorming ideas for the fourth instalment of the Fifty Shades series, and was wondering if they could act it out.

Source: Pinterest

“You’ve finished filming the next two (Fifty Shades) movies, but if you are going to do a fourth, which I’m sure you are, I have an idea for it,” Ellen told her guest. “It’s a little scene that I wrote, which I thought we could act out.”


Jamie Dornan obliged. In the hilarious skit, Ellen tries to seduce him with a low-cut top and a seductive moan. She wasted no time and tied his hands up with tape, and went on to seduce him with office supplies like a stapler and pencil sharpener.

Watch the hilarious video here:

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