When you’re the one and only Beyonce, everyone is trying to get in touch. But as Ed Sheeran revealed, the music superstar has a sneaky trick in maintaining her privacy.

In speaking to ET at KIIS-FM’s recent 2017 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, the British singer-songwriter spilled the beans on Beyonce’s online activity. He shared that Jay-Z’s baby mama changes her contact details once every few days.

Ed Sheeran Beyonce
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Sheeran had already produced one of the biggest hit this year with “Shape Of You”. But the musician maybe ending the year with another number 1 with his tender ballad, “Perfect”, featuring Beyonce on the remix track. In promoting his latest single, he recalled how he got in touch with the former Destiny’s Child member.


I have an email address I email (to get in touch with Beyonce). It actually changes every week. So I emailed that and we got on the phone, and it’s been in the works since May. Obviously she had twins (in June), and we finished (the song) in September, so I’ve been holding onto it since then,” he told ET’s Keltie Knight.

The original version of ‘Perfect’ was just an acoustic guitar and she rung me up and was like, ‘I don’t know how you feel about this but I’ve taken all the instruments off it and it’s just gonna be acoustic guitar’. I was like, ‘Ah that’s great, because it used to be that!’” the 26-year-old Grammy winner continued.

He added, “Then when we got in together, it wasn’t so much notes, it was very much like a back and forth thing, like, ‘What’d you think of this?’ Or ‘What do you think of this?’ and (we were) probably in the studio for 4 hours. She was just like, ‘Right!’ Went in, one take, came out, like, ‘Yeah, that sounds alright!’

On a similar note, Sheeran also opened up that he didn’t think Beyonce would agree to collaborate with him. “The song came out so long ago and I was like: ‘I want to relaunch it in a different way.’ And then I was like: ‘Well I love Beyonce. Shall I ask Beyonce? She’s going to say no.’ And then I was like: ‘You might as well ask’ and then she said yeah!” he told Ellen DeGeneres.


“Perfect” was already an easy favourite on “Divide”, but Beyonce’s vocals takes it to a whole new level.


Sources: Toggle, E! News.

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