Malaysia’s Immigration Department has announced that a fresh batch of almost 800,000 Malaysians who have been blacklisted due to various reasons.

To be exact, the Immigration Department blacklisted a total of 790, 186 Malaysians, all of whom won’t be allowed to leave the country until further notice.

Of the total number, Director General Datuk Seri Muzafar Ali noted that a huge portion of the number came from PTPTN loan defaulters. A total 447,890 Malaysians have been blacklisted for failing to settle their study loan debts.


Aside from that, other departments also submitted their list of blacklisted names for various offences, like the Insolvency Department (138,028 Malaysians), Inland Revenue Department (107,884 Malaysians), the Employees Provident Fund (7,024 Malaysians), Royal Malaysian Customs Department (6,091 Malaysians), and the Immigration Department (1,543 Malaysians).

How to find out if you have been blacklisted or barred from leaving the country? Click here to find out. 

Source: The Star

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