In case you’re having a dull day at work, FamilyMart Malaysia is here to save the day.

The Japanese convenience store franchise has announced a new and exciting ice-cream flavour, the Hokkaido Melon Sofuto. That means smooth and fluffy layers of melon goodness!

Source: FamilyMart Malaysia

We’ll save the melon puns and get straight to the point: NEW SOFUTO ice cream flavour and yep, it’s MELON!” the official announcement read on the FamilyMart Malaysia Facebook page.


The new melon labour will be available in all FamilyMart stores, so hurry before they run out!

UPDATE (21st July):

Just a few days ago, FamilyMart Malaysia announced the return of their Hokkaido Melon Sofuto ice cream. However, many dessert lovers are still campaigning for the franchise to bring back the beloved Vanilla ice cream.

Perhaps FamilyMart Malaysia should consider selling all 4 flavours simultaneously.

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