10 Annoying Things Malaysians Do When Taking The Lift

Whether at home or at work, we deal with taking the lift all the time. Like most other public places, there are certain unspoken rules that come with taking the lift, like letting people out first before you rush in, and holding the door open for someone.

Unfortunately, it seems like not everyone got the memo – and we all have our own annoying elevator story. We spoke to a few friends and colleagues, and here are some of the annoying things they have to put up with on a daily basis when taking the lift:

  1. People who rush in without letting you get out 

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Don’t you just hate it when the lift opens and there’s someone right smack in the middle, you don’t even know how to get out? Perhaps there should be a yellow box painted on the floor, like at train stations, but it’s not like anyone takes the yellow boxes seriously anyway. How about just stand aside and let people out first? Because that’s the most logical thing to do.

2. When you’re rushing towards the lift and they press “close” 

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This has personally happened to me way too many times. Someone walks into the lift, turns around, sees you like 3 metres away, but decide that you are not worth it, and hit the “close” button.

Come on, what would it take – an additional 5 seconds of your time? I bet you will press the “open” button if it was Idris Elba, even if he was 100 metres away.

3. When they see you coming but they don’t press anything so the lift closes on you 

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We can’t decide which is worse; pressing the “close” button when they see you or just walking into the lift, pressing their floor number and do nothing while you gamble with the possibility that the door will shut on your shoulders. It’s an unspoken rule, guys: the first person to get into the elevator presses the ‘open’ button until everyone is in.

4. When the lift is packed and yet people still want to squeeze in 

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We get it, everyone wants to make it to work on time, and no one wants to wait for the next round of lift. But if the lift is already packed, it’s best to wait instead of squeezing in and cramming like a can of sardine, no?

5. Holding the lift open for their friend who is coming from the other end of the world

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Yes, we are all for being considerate and holding the lift open for others, but why are you holding the lift for someone who is still in the office, or still not done locking up their house?

6. People who block the buttons and stare at their phones 


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Many of our male colleagues seem to have faced this problem. They walk into a crowded lift, and there’s a girl leaning close to the buttons, staring at her phone. He tries to call out to her with “Excuse me”, but she’s busy on her phone and won’t look up. He could reach for the buttons himself, but it’s dangerously close to her chest area and he doesn’t want to get into trouble. So what does one do in this predicament?

If you’re standing next to the buttons, be aware of people who enter the lift. Ask them what floor they’re heading to, or at least make way for them to press the buttons.

7. That gush of strong perfume you have to endure for the next 60 seconds

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This is always going to happen, there’s no way around it. And we can’t tell people to wear less perfume, so the best we can do is hold our breath?

8. When you’re already 2 minutes late for work and someone presses the wrong floor 

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Time is very precious in the mornings, and every second counts when you are rushing against the clock to punch in. You don’t mind if everyone needs to get down on different floors, what really irks you is when someone accidentally presses the wrong button and now you have to endure one more absolutely unnecessary stop before you can reach the office.

9. People who don’t get to make way for others to go out 

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This is a nightmare when the lift is packed and you’re standing way at the back. You have to plot a masterplan on how to maneuver your way out of the labyrinth. It’s worse when the person in front won’t get out to make way for you, and you aren’t that flexible, to begin with. So you’re left with no choice but to shove everyone in the way and apologise repeatedly.

10. People who take the lift to the first floor (one floor up or down)

Just one question: Why you do this?

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Do you have any annoying elevator stories? Let us know in the comments below!


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