It’s that time again where motorists in Malaysia are eager to find out if they’re required to make another trip to the nearest petrol station.

According to our source, both petrol and diesel prices will go down starting from Thursday midnight (23rd November) onwards.

Petrol November

The expected prices for petrol and diesel for 23rd – 29th November 2017 are:

  • RON95 : RM2.30 per litre with decreased by RM0.08
  • RON97 : RM2.58 per litre with decreased by RM0.08
  • Diesel : RM2.23 per litre with decreased by RM0.02

The current prices for 16th – 22nd November 2017 are:

  • RON95 : RM2.38 per litre
  • RON97 : RM2.66 per litre
  • Diesel : RM2.25 per litre

Petrol November

We will update the fuel prices should the official announcement differs from aforementioned prices.

Source: Malaysia Freebies.