Warner Bros’ biggest superhero movie, “Justice League”, was released last week. While DC generally avoids post-credits scenes (the closest they’ve come to was a mid-credits scene in last year’s “Suicide Squad“), we’re glad that 2 extra scenes were included in this one.

Thanks to several moviegoers, the mid and end-credits scenes were secretly recorded and are available on YouTube. For now. This article contains major spoilers so read at your own risk.

Justice League Post-Credits Scenes
Source: Warner Bros

During a battle scene in “Justice League”, Flash realises that the Man of Steel also possesses super speed. The duo decided to duke it out on a deserted country road during the mid-credits scene. The terms are simple: if Superman wins, Flash has to take the league out for brunch. But if Flash wins, he gets bragging rights.


Moving on to the end-credits scene, we discover that Lex Luthor has escaped Arkham Asylum. There is a theory that The Joker might be involved in his escape seeing as how the guard was laughing from (possibly) inhaling the Joker’s laughing gas. We then see mercenary/assassin Deathstroke arriving on a yacht to meet Lex.

Lex declares that since the superheroes have their own team, perhaps the villains should “have a league of our own” too. This seems to imply that there are plans for the Injustice League or the Legion of Doom to be included for the future of the DC cinematic universe.




“Justice League” is out now in cinemas.

Sources: /Film, IGN / Featured image: Warner Bros.

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