You may know him as one of the members from Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit (飛輪海), but did you know Wu Chun (吴尊) once had an opportunity to become a prince in real life?

During his appearance on the reality show “Where Are We Going, Dad?”, the 38-year-old star revealed that his nickname, “Prince of Brunei”, did not happened by accident and there is actually some truth to it.

Wu Chun
Source: Facebook

The actor-singer, who is the nephew of Brunei MP Goh King Chin, came from a privileged and wealthy family when he was growing up in Brunei. Wu Chun revealed that the royal family, who had adopted many kids in the past, also extended an offer to adopt him when he was a child.


However, he shared that his father declined a hefty sum from the King’s sister at the time; a decision he feels very grateful for. “It’s fortunate that my father said no, because compared to being a prince and living a wealthy life, I would rather live with my own family,” the Fahrenheit member was quoted as saying.

Wu Chun
Source: Instagram

Wu Chun and his childhood sweetheart Lin Liying got married in 2009. They welcomed their daughter, Nei Nei (Wu Xinyi), in 2011 and their son Max in 2013. When asked if he would ever allow anyone to adopt his own children, the entertainer replied that he would “fight to his death” for them.

So there you have it folks – the story behind the “Prince of Brunei”.

Sources: The Hive, Toggle/ Featured image: Facebook.

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