Alicia Amin (full name: Raja Alicia bt Raja Amin) has been making headlines ever since she competed in the 5th season of “Asia’s Next Top Model”.

Although the 23-year-old star has found herself in various controversies over the past few months, Alicia has been unapologetic in standing up for her beliefs. Yesterday (Tuesday, 3rd October), the Malaysian model opened up about previously being insecure about her private parts.

Alicia Amin
Source: Maximus Visual Artistry

I remember being suuuuper insecure about my boobs when I was 11-15. Little did I know… boob size don’t matter. At all. Now look at my tiny boobs getting me on runways and on magazines and shit. Love my flat chest,” the Johor-born model tweeted.


She added, “It bothers me that grown men are still throwing out ‘small boobs’ as an insult. Young girls y’all better not listen to these heathens. I realised that if someone was going to comment about my boobs, they weren’t worth my time. Filtered out all the trash men real quick“.

So there you go folks. If this badass chick can make it big in the entertainment business despite her insecurities, so can you 😉

Source: Hangat/ Featured image: Maximus Visual Artistry.

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