There’s a saying that goes: “Revenge is a dish served best cold”.

However, a rich Singaporean businessman decided that revenge is best served in front of friends, family, and loved ones when he decided to exposed his fiance’s cheating scandal during their wedding dinner.

Fiance Cheating Scandal
Source: Sarcasm

According to Lianhe Zaobao, a wealthy man living in Singapore hired a female private investigator to spy on his-then fiance a couple of months before their big day. The investigation was carried out by Zhuo, who works for AJAX Investigation & Security Services.


Zhuo’s task was pretty straightforward: Follow the spouse’s every move and observe if there was anything alarming to report. If a foul play occurred,  a video is to be recorded and submitted to the client as evidence in addition of a detailed report.

Zhuo revealed that everything went on as usual initially. However, the private investigator caught the bride-to-be entering a hotel with another guy one day; they were allegedly seeing one another. “They went up to the room together but one of them left first before the other. However, they both came out from the same room,” Zhuo was quoted as saying.

Fiance Cheating Scandal
Source: Zaobao

Instead of cancelling the wedding, the groom carried on with his nuptials as planned. To her surprise, Zhou was even invited to the couple’s wedding banquet. “At the wedding dinner when they began playing the flashback videos of the bride and groom’s love story, there was a nasty surprise waiting for the cheating bride. Halfway through the sweet montage video, suddenly the groom played the footage of the bride cheating on him in front of everyone present,” she recalled.

The bride was reportedly mortified and immediately left the venue in her wedding gown. All hell broke loose as both sides of the families reportedly erupted in a heated argument. Needless to say, the wedding was called off.

Fiance Cheating Scandal
Source: The Straits Times

Zhou revealed that although 70% of the cases from AJAX Investigation & Security Services are made up of cheating scandals, the aforementioned case was one of the most memorable incidents.

The Singaporean groom was pretty savage, wasn’t he?

Sources: Lianhe Zaobao, Goody Feed/ Featured image: Sarcasm.

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