Let’s face it: we’ve all sent the wrong message to the wrong person and made a complete embarrassment of ourselves at least once in our WhatsApp-using lives. And let’s not even get started on them drunk texts!

Fortunately, WhatsApp is apparently rolling out a new feature that will save our lives ?

According to WABetaInfo, a Twitter account dedicated to posting up leaks and updates about WhatsApp beta, the upcoming update will allow users to delete sent messages. WABetaInfo claimed that the new feature, “Delete for Everyone”, is currently being tested on the WhatsApp server and that it will be “available soon”.

Source: twitter.com/WABetaInfo

In a later tweet, WABetaInfo also said that when a sender deletes a message for everyone, WhatsApp will also remove it from the Notification Center.

Currently, the only way to delete an incriminating WhatsApp message is by tapping and holding the message and then tapping the bin icon that appears in the top bar. An alert will pop up asking if you really want to delete it. If you hit “DELETE”, then it’s gone. But it’s not really gone for the other person/people in the conversation.

According to TechAdvisor, “Delete for Everyone” will give you an option to edit or revoke the message, and the feature will work with all types of WhatsApp messages e.g. text, vides, images, GIFs, documents. The catch is, in order for a message to be recalled (read: unsend), it needs to have been send in the past 5 minutes and must be removed before the recipient has read it (double blue ticks).

Source: messagingapplab

Whether or not the “Delete for Everyone” feature is going to be implemented remains to be seen, as WhatsApp themselves have yet to comment on the WABetaInfo leak. We’re hopeful, though! So fingers crossed that it will be rolled out soon 🙂

Source: WABetaInfo, TechAdvisor / Featured image: messagingapplab.

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