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The Seremban wet market, also known as Pasar Besar Seremban to locals, caught fire after a downpour late yesterday (9th September, Saturday). The fire, which is believed to have started at around 7:30pm, can be seen engulfing the top floor of the 2-storey market in the below video:


Located in the town centre, the 35-year-old Seremban wet market is home to vegetable vendors, fruit stalls, flower sellers, other fresh produce, so on and so forth. A hive of activity, the market is usually quite jam-packed in the mornings, as well as early evenings to nights as lorries would transport goods to vendors.

The top floor of the market is lined with dozens of hawker fare. It is most well known for being the place where the first and original tasty beef noodles is sold. Local tourists would travel from all over Malaysia and flock to Seremban wet market to savour the dish. Sadly, the stall that sells the beef noodles is located on the top floor of the market.

Source: tripadvisor

According to a statement from the Fire and Rescue Department, the Senawang and Seremban 2 Fire and Rescue Stations were involved in putting out the blaze. “The fire involved the upper portion of the market. Until 8:20pm, the fire had destroyed 80 per cent of the upper level,” it said.

As at time of writing, the cause of the fire is yet to be determined. Estimated damage to the Seremban wet market is also unknown.

Sources: Sin Chew Daily NS, malaysiakini / Featured image: Video screenshot.

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