Wait, what? She exists?

Cartoon Network took to their official Facebook page a couple of hours ago to announce that they’re adding a new member to the “holy trinity” that is The Powerpuff Girls. Yup, the girls are about to be a quartet! According to the teaser image that was uploaded on the network’s Facebook page, all will be revealed on 17th September 2017.


The question is, who is she?

Fans are already guessing that it could be Bunny, the sister who appeared on one episode of The Powerpuff Girls, “Twisted Sister”, back in 2000. Bunny was created by Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup to help them fight crime and kick butt. Alas, the formula that they used – artificial sweetener, twigs, their personal ideas of what is nice, and Chemical X – was so unstable that it caused Bunny to explode at the end of the episode.

Source: Cartoon Network

We gotta say though, considering that the silhouette in the teaser image looks nothing like Bunny, chances are, it’s probably a new character altogether ?

Find out who the new member is during the first 3 episodes of the upcoming 5-part movie event, “The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four”, that will premiere on 23rd September (Saturday) and the final 2 episodes on 24th September (Sunday).

Source: Cartoon Network / Featured image: Cartoon Network.

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