We love long weekends and everything that it stands for: sleep all day errday, #cheatday all day errday, quality time and getaways, you know the drill. But if you’re all out of ideas on places to go and things to do, allow us to introduce 5 (yes, FIVE) places that Malaysians need to rock up to this long 60th Merdeka Day weekend to do what we do best – eat.


Durian King Smoothie


If you like your durian with a twist, we know just the place. McDonald’s Malaysia’s durian ice cream may have completely sold out, but that’s not the only place that you can haunt for some creamy durian goodness. Head on over to any Tealive branch to quench your thirst with their Durian King Smoothie!

Nasi Lemak Tower

Nothing says “Malaysian” quite like our melting pot of cultures and plethora of yummy cuisines that’s enjoyed by all. Such as, a piping hot serving of nasi lemak! Signature at The Roof’s absolutely epic-looking Nasi Lemak Tower is only available from now till September so go get some 😉

Celeb-owned Eateries

Celeb-Owned Eateries

Despite their busy schedules, some local celebrities have been following in the footsteps of chefs and restaurateurs to set up eateries as a second source of income. Give your fellow Malaysians some support by showing them love at their F&B ventures!

Nasi Lemak Burger


Nasi Lemak Burger

If not for getaways, then long weekends are definitely perfect for cheat days. With 4 days to spare, go try not 1, not 2, but 5 locally-inspired “Nasi Lemak” burgers at any of these eateries! Let us know which one’s your favourite.


Source: facebook.com/softsrve

We all scream for ice cream! In conjunction with our 60th Merdeka Day, local ice cream joint Softsrve is planning to celebrate with 60 minutes of free softserves at their Softsrve Damansara Uptown, Softsrve Sri Petaling, and Softsrve Johor Bahru outlets. You want? Deets here 😉

Enjoy, y’all. And to all Malaysians near and far, Happy 60th Merdeka!

Featured image: Hong Yi.

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