The Nasi Lemak Burger craze is currently at an all time high. Ever since Singapore’s McDonald’s first introduced locally-inspired “Nasi Lemak” burger, many other franchises have been jumping unto the bandwagon.

Discussions about who has the better Nasi Lemak Burger have been trending on the internet. So we thought we’d round up 5 eateries in the Klang Valley that offer Nasi Lemak Burger. Feel free to check ’em out and let us know which one is your favourite.

1. myBurgerLab

Nasi Lemak Burger
Source: Twitter

myBurgerLab will debut their highly-anticipated Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger this Friday (4th August). The juicy fried chicken is sandwiched between pickled Japanese cucumber and runny egg together with ikan bilis. The 4 myBurgerLab outlets are located at OUG, Seapark, Sunway, and Cyberjaya.

2. Bowery Kitchen & Bar

Nasi Lemak Burger
Source: The Bowery Group

New York-inspired eatery, Bowery, is known to fuse Malaysian and American flavours in their food. Their latest hybrid is their own version of Nasi Lemak Burger. The choice of meat is a juicy piece of chicken thigh paired with a sweet yet spicy sambal sauce and topped with a perfect fried egg with shoestring fries on the side. You can find them at TTDI, Publika, or Menara Hap Seng.

3. Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe

Nasi Lemak Burger
Source: Facebook

Fullhouse’s version of Nasi Lemak Burger is a mix of special grain moulded into a burger bun shape. In between the pan-seared rice buns is a crisp piece of ayam goreng berempah with telur mata kerbau, ikan bills, kacang, cucumber and homemade sambal belacan. Visit them at Sunway Pyramid.

4. Define:food

Nasi Lemak Burger
Source: Facebook

In the words of Define Food, their Lemak Burger is inspired by the original gangster Nasi Lemak auntie but with a classic DF twist. Similar to Fullhouse, the DF Lemak Burger also has ayam goreng berempah, with sambal sauce, cucumber slices, and right off the pan telur mata on top. Stop by their restaurant when you’re shopping at Mid Valley.

5. Sanoook Japanese Thai Cuisine

Nasi Lemak Burger
Source: Facebook

Everyday is sushi day at Sanoook! Why settle for just Nasi Lemak Burger when you can also have Nasi Lemak Sushi Burger? The Japanese-Thai franchise’s latest invention is definitely intriguing, to say the least. That green colour you see there is actually pandan flavoured rice wrapped in seaweed, layered with the usual ingredients. Sanoook is situated at Sunway Pyramid.

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