From McDonald’s Singapore’s Nasi Lemak burger to The Bowery Group’s “sedaplicious” Nasi Lemak burger, to myBurgerLab’s Nasi Lemak burger (which caused quite a stir, we heard) and all the Nasi Lemak burgers that you can ever imagine, comes another burger.

Chicken rice burger.

Source: Makcik Chicken via TODAY

Yeap, you read right!


Made by the good people of Makcik Chicken, a delivery-only chicken rice establishment in Singapore, the chicken rice burger held by Japanese short grain rice cooked with chicken stock, ginger garlic, and pandan leaves to maintain its shape, and contains sous vide chicken thigh meat topped with shredded cucumber, tomato, garlic, and hanjuku egg sauce. It also comes as a set, served with 2 side dishes – a house-made coleslaw and mashed potato.

Makcik Chicken first posted up a chicken rice burger teaser about 3 weeks ago, which said, “Not the only national dish that’s turned into a burger”, along with the hashtag #MakcikvsRonald.

Their chicken rice burger was finally launched yesterday at the Civic District Outdoor Festival in Singapore, but it wasn’t an easy feat to get to their end goal. Own by a 30-year-old husband-and-wife team – Saldriana Idris and Haziq Yusoff – Makcik Chicken went through more than 40 rounds of taste tests for their original rice dish offering, and a further 7 or 8 taste tests for their chicken rice burger,

The hype (no pun intended) is real, though. Makcik Chicken’s social media posts about their chicken rice burger have garnered quite a bit of attention, so much so that their followers have been asking when the burger will be available. Well, as it turns out, the chicken rice burger will only be available at pop-up event. Talk about exclusivity!

Makcik Chicken’s chicken rice burger is priced at SGD9.50 (about RM30) and it will be available at the National Museum of Singapore Festival 2017 on 9th August. Go get ’em 😉

Sources: Makcik Chicken, TODAY / Featured image: Makcik Chicken.

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