Presented by mobile network operator Mcalls, the K-Wave Music Festival, which was held on 5th August 2017 (Saturday), was a dream come true for Malaysian K-Pop fans.

Throngs of fans came together at Sunway Lagoon’s Surf Beach for an all-round feast for their eyes and ears. Featuring 6 K-Pop idol groups – VICTON, BtoB, B1A4, Teen Top, Apink, HIGHLIGHT – in a beach party-like setting, the organisers proved that location and variety truly is key in making an event successful.

Tickets to the K-Wave Music Festival were priced between RM222 to RM788, a relatively small price to pay for the kind of line-up that it had, with some perks in tow. Hours before the show, rookie group VICTON rocked up to the Mcalls Lifestyle Store at Sunway Pyramid for a snappy meet and greet with some lucky fans. The atmosphere was, as anyone would imagine, intense yet exciting. VICTON was also the first group to perform at the concert, a set that really got the party started.

CUBE Entertainment’s multi-talented boy group BtoB took the stage to perform a number of their hits, showcasing their vocal chops while belting out songs like “It’s Okay” and “I’ll Be Your Man” (just to name a few) and also showing off some amazing footwork as they danced along to “MOVIE”. Malaysian Melodies (as BtoB’s fans are lovingly known) were, of course, delighted when Peniel led the boys as he communicated with fans in English. As always, BtoB’s interaction with the crowd was on point.

Against all odds, K-Pop quintet B1A4 rocked up to our shores once again on Saturday and brought with them a chockfull of energy. Malaysian K-Pop fans just about lost it when they performed their 2012 hit, “잘자요 굿나잇 (Baby Good Night)“. Dominating the catwalk strip on the T-shaped stage, the group worked the crowd as they sang and danced, and quite literally wet their fans.


Without skipping a beat, Teen Top stormed onto the stage all decked in white and armed with slick moves. Taking the festival to the next level, their EDM-laced performance was refreshing, as they wowed fans with songs like “긴 생머리 그녀 (Miss Right)”. Needless to say, the temperature was at an all-time high by the time Teen Top was done.

Sweet as sugar K-Pop idol girl group Apink, the only female acts on the “K-Wave Music Festival” line-up, floored the Malaysian Pink Pandas (as Apink’s fans are lovingly known) with their fan service. The girls definitely sashayed, wrist-flicked, and skipped their way into their fans’ hearts as the Pink Pandas enthusiastically screamed along to all-time favourites “No, No, No”, “Mr.Chu“, and their latest single, “FIVE”.

Last but not least, in a grand return to Malaysia, HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as BEAST) really gave the crowd something to scream about as they closed the show. For die-hard BEAST fans, it was emotional, as the boys explained their recent predicament and talked about how happy they were to be back. Judging by the way in which the crowd responded to the boys’ live performance of “Beautiful Night”, it’s safe to say that all was good as long as their fans got to see them on stage again.

BONUS: Psst. It was also revealed during the concert that a K-Wave Music Festival part 2 is already in the works! We can hardly wait to see which idols will come to Malaysia next.

Special thanks to our friends from Mcalls for having us at the K-Wave Music Festival 🙂 For more pictures from the event, check this out.

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