Last week, it was revealed that the cast of “The Battleship Island” – Hwang Jung Min, Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub – will be coming to Malaysia as part of a promotional tour for the movie.

Local broadcaster Astro Malaysia later announced that they will be presenting the tour in conjunction with the launch of tvN Movies on Astro.


“The Battleship Island” is a historical action flick centres on the Japanese colonial era, when roughly 400 Korean people, who were forced onto Battleship Island (“Hashima Island”) to mine for coal, attempt to escape. Song Joong Ki plays Park Moo Young, a member of the Korean independence movement who infiltrates the island in order to rescue a fellow independence fighter being held captive there.

Directed by Ryoo Seung Wan (of “Veteran” and “The Berlin File” fame), “The Battleship Island” stars Song Joong Ki, Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Lee Jung Hyun.

And now, it has been confirmed that not only will the cast be in town, they will also be making a special mall appearance! GSC Cinemas took to their Facebook page to confirm the news, adding that Hwang Jung Min, Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, as well as “The Battleship Island” director Ryoo Seung Wan are slated to meet fans at the main entrance of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

More details to come but for now, mark it down in your calendars, peeps! 7pm on 9th August 2017 (Wednesday) at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur 🙂

Source: GSC Cinemas / Featured image: GSC Cinemas.

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