Thank goodness for polycarbonate glass!

Late yesterday (Monday, 24th July 2017), 4 robbers stormed Kedai Emas Sri Alam in Shah Alam with intent to make away with a big loot. Unfortunately, their attempt was foiled, thanks to the polycarbonate-laminated jewellery glass display counters.

For the uninitiated, polycarbonate is a durable material that’s up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass. High-impact properties make polycarbonate virtually unbreakable (read: break-resistant), which makes it perfect to be used as exterior windows because of its resistance. It can be also laminated to make bullet-proof “glass”, although “bullet-resistant” is more accurate for the thinner windows, such as bullet-resistant windows in automobiles.


The jewellery store, located at AEON Big Seksyen 23, shared a 42-second long CCTV clip of the incident. The robbers can be seen wearing heavily tinted full face visor motorcycle helmets and tirelessly going at it with giant sledgehammers. When we say “tirelessly”, we really mean that it looks like hard work because the glass simply refused to give way. Much to the robbers’ dismay, we’re sure.

As at time of writing, in just 3 hours, the video has been viewed over 400,000 times, garnering more than 8,000 shares and 1,600 odd comments.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the robbery. But in their Facebook post, Kedai Emas Sri Alam made it a point to note, “The saddest part is the fact that our jewellery glass display counters have been destroyed. We’ll be closed for 2 weeks to facilitate repairs. After the renovation is complete, we’ll be back in operation as usual.”

Update (23rd August 2020): 


Source: Kedai Emas Sri Alam / Featured image: Kedai Emas Sri Alam.

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