While the world continues to mourn Chester Bennington’s tragic passing, his fellow band members have taken the liberty to honour him in more ways that one. The first being a #RIPCHESTER suicide prevention tribute site for their deceased frontman, which listed phone and text lines to help those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Source: Joe Hahn’s Instagram

Chester Bennington joined the group in 1999. They’ve been writing, recording, touring, and performing together for almost 20 years. To date, Linkin Park has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and has won 2 Grammy Awards. Other than their music, Linkin Park has also always been instantly recognisable from their logo, a hexagonal shape (with each side representing a band member) designed around the alphabets “LP”.

However, following his passing, the logo has been reworked.

Source: Mike Shinoda’s Twitter

Fellow Linkin Park member (and also founder of the band) Mike Shinoda took to his Twitter to debut the new Linkin Park logo, with one of the 6 edges from the hexagonal shape removed. That open end presumably signifies Chester Bennington’s death, as the shape (therefore, band) is no longer complete.

The new logo was also uploaded onto Mike Shinoda’s Instagram.

Source: Mike Shinoda’s Twitter

It is not known if it will become the band’s permanent logo.

In other news, Linkin Park has finally broken their silence for the first time since Chester Bennington’s death. The band wrote an emotional note to their deceased lead singer on their Facebook page late yesterday. Shortly after, Mike Shinoda uploaded a #throwback picture of the band on his personal Instagram.

Our hearts go out to Chester Bennington’s family, friends, Linkin Park members, and the Linkin Park community.


RIP Chester.

Source: Mike Shinoda’s Twitter / Featured image: Joe Hahn’s Instagram.

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