How many of y’all have cheated in exams before? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably come across a number of cheating methods.

An accountant student in China recently took to social media to reveal how a classmate thought of a way to ace her papers. What’s her secret, you ask? The Chinese student relied on her long legs.

Cheat Exam

In the image above, the unidentified student can be seen lifting her skirt, revealing a bunch of scribbled notes on her right thigh. The handwriting on her leg is believed to be a cheat sheet for her accounting exam. One user commented that “it is just simple debits and credits bookkeeping”.


According to a caption translated by Daily Mail, the student who upload the photos said, “I burst out laughing, literally. This is how my classmate cheats on her exams! Exams is never an easy test, right? Hahaha, hope this post will make her famous!” True enough, the post soon went viral on social media.

Cheat Exam

Have you encountered any crazy cheating method before? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Sources: Next Shark, Daily Mail/ Featured image:

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