A man named Shahril Azmi Abdul Shukor, otherwise known as “Abang Shahril” (according to him), has taken to his personal Facebook profile to apologise for kissing Shell Malaysia’s “Gadis Air Mineral” standee.

“Abang Shahril” was one of the few individuals whose distasteful picture caused controversy, as it received a backlash from scores of Malaysians and netizens, and eventually resulted in Shell Malaysia removing the life-sized standees altogether.

Source: MMO

Note: Shell Malaysia’s promotional standee featured Nor Shafila Khairusalleh, who is a Shell Malaysia employee in real life. While she has admitted that she tried not feel bothered by the pictures, she also said, “…but if it is towards harassment or sexual, I feel that is too far.”


In the 4-minute long video, “Abang Shahril” confessed that it was him in the picture of a man kissing the standee. He can also be heard repeatedly apologised to Nor Shafila Khairusalleh, saying that he didn’t expect his picture to go viral.

Source: Shahril Azmi Abdul Shukor’s video screengrab

“I shared the picture in a WhatsApp group and it was meant to be a joke. I didn’t expect it to spread. I would’ve felt the same as Nor Shafila Khairusalleh if I were in her shoes. I wish to apologise to her husband and family members over this incident, and I’d also like to apologise to Shell Malaysia,” he explained.

“Abang Shahril” went on to say, “I’m really sorry, and if it’s necessary for me to meet Nor Shafila Khairusalleh to apologise face-to-face, I will do so,” adding that he’s a loyal customer of Shell Malaysia.

Watch the full video of his apology below:

What do y’all think? Forgive and forget? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Shahril Azmi Abdul Shukor’s Facebook profile / Featured image: Shahril Azmi Abdul Shukor’s video screengrab.

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