On Friday (30th June) morning, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) received a bomb threat directed at Plan A Entertainment’s idol girl group APINK.

According to a report by moonROK, a broadcasting official said that the Police arrived at the KBS Yeouido building after receiving the threat. “The singers are continuing to rehearse, but the atmosphere is very tense. As we have not yet confirmed whether it is safe to continue, it is possible that the live broadcast may not be able to go on today,” the rep added.

Source: moonROK

Fortunately, the situation has been cleared. Koreaboo noted that an employee from Music Bank told the press that there was no real threat found. The threat was presumed to be made by the same man who threatened APINK recently.


A Plan A employee said, “We think it might be the same person who threatened the members (of APINK). The police are suspecting this. The safety of the members is our top most priority. We’re very frustrated at why these things keep happening.”

It was also reported that APINK has finished their pre-recording for “Music Bank”’s mid-year special. However, it is uncertain if the group will attend the program’s live summer broadcast later tonight.

Source: Koreaboo

Last week, the 6-member group received 2 death threats from a man who has been a fan of APINK for 6 years. In a statement to South Korea news site OSEN, he explained that he sent the threats because the girls went on blind dates with rookie actors on a reality show.

As a fan of APINK for 6 years, I spent a lot of time and money on APINK. To see APINK on blind dates with not even actors, but actor trainees, I felt betrayed. I called their agency to complain, but they gave a vague answer saying they didn’t know, which made me angry. So I called the police with the death threat,” he elaborated.

Source: Pinterest

Besides APINK, other idol groups were also present for the music show’s mid-year special. This includes Highlight, Red Velvet, BtoB, SEVENTEEN, DJ Koo, DAY6, ASTRO, GFRIEND, MAMAMOO, and MONSTA X.

Meanwhile, APINK released their new album, titled “Pink UP”, on 26th June.

Sources: Koreaboo, moonROK / moonROK.

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