Photos of a woman wearing nothing but a red underwear and a white singlet in public have been uploaded on social media. While we’re uncertain about the original source, the images (below) were shared by 好好嘢 (a Chinese Facebook news account) on Wednesday (28th June).

The caption reads, “KL OUG花园时常出没疑似有问题的华裔妇女…每天只穿底裤到处走!还和人家说下面有剃毛?” (Translation: “There is a Chinese woman around KL OUG garden…walking around in her panties everyday! She even tells people that she shaves down there?”)

Source: 好好嘢 Facebook page

Although the caption is obviously trying to make fun of her, many netizens have spoken up for her. One Facebook user said, “Come on guys, don’t be a bloody ass. I see her almost everyday and yes, she wears like this every single day. But that does not gives the right for you guys to laugh and make fun and start tagging your friends bout her. There is no needs to make fun of her.” 


Meanwhile, some netizens claimed that she has mental issues and expressed sympathy toward her situation. “Why are posting this? Don’t you think she’s pitiful enough?” wrote social media user Carol.

In a video shared by 大马趣事“不说你不知” (a separate Chinese Facebook news account), a man can be heard asking the woman why is she dressed inappropriately, to which she answers, “Sexy orh? Sexy orh”

The person behind the camera then replies, “This is not sexy. This outfit is only suitable for the beach. Can see your pubic hair.” He then tells her that he can see her butt hole (dude, seriously?).

Upon seeing this, many netizens criticised the man for filming the woman and posting it on social media. “To the person who shot this video, please learn how to respect others and yourself,” wrote Facebook user Johnson.

You can watch the video here.

Source: 大马趣事“不说你不知” Facebook page

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Sources: 好好嘢大马趣事“不说你不知” / Featured image: 大马趣事“不说你不知”.

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