While bikers have expressed their gripes over the motorcycle lane on the Federal Highway (highway connecting Kuala Lumpur and Klang) – such as narrow, uneven and pot-holed surface, lacking proper signages, lighting, etc. – one of their biggest pet peeve is perhaps motorists who openly and unabashedly abuse the lane. Yes, we’re talking about drivers who think that it’s absolutely A-OK to use the motorcycle lane as an “express road” to escape the traffic jam.

Alas, just this afternoon (21st June 2017, Wednesday), a Proton Iriz driver wasn’t so lucky.

Source: Bikes Republic

The car was spotted with half its body in the drain of a motorcycle lane near the Mid-Valley-Puchong section of Federal Highway. As the incident happened during broad daylight, it is unclear what happened but the Proton Iriz obviously travelled on the motorcycle lane, which appeared to be quite narrow, and perhaps tried to squeeze in between the barriers/poles.


There were no police officers on the scene and from the pictures, it didn’t look like there were any casualties, but the motorcycle lane was blocked off for a tow truck to get to it.

Source: Bikes Republic

“There have been a number of times where cars have invaded the motorcycle lane to cut queue or simply beat the jam. These not-very-bright individuals put the lives of hundreds of motorcyclists in danger with their actions,” Bikes Republic wrote.

Have you ever seen motorists drive/travel on the motorcycle lane? Leave a comment and let us know!

Source: Bikes Republic / Featured image: Bikes Republic.

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