I’m the biggest hit, I’m the biggest hit on the stage.

After the success of their last album “Limitless”, the boys of NCT 127 are back again with “Cherry Bomb“. The music video was released today (Wednesday, 14th June) at 6pm KST (5pm Malaysian time).

Source: SM Entertainment

Aside from title track “Cherry Bomb”, the album of the same name records a total of 6 other songs. They are “Running 2 U”, “Ø Mile”, “Sun & Moon”, “Whiplash”, “Summer 127”, and the performance version of “Cherry Bomb”.


“Running 2 U” has been described as an “impressive urban R&B dance track”, “Sun & Moon” as a “dreamy synth-based number”, and “Whiplash” as a “hip-hop track about love”. Mark and Taeyong also participated in the producing of the album, as both members wrote the lyrics for 5 tracks.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment explained that the title track is a hip-hop and urban genre song featuring the unique rap and vocal styles of NCT 127. The track is truly one-of-a-kind, as it starts off disjointed but then picks up towards the middle. The music video also shows the NCT 127 boys mesmerising you with their sexy and trendy dance moves.

Source: SM Entertainment

NCT (Neo Culture Technology) is SM Entertainment’s new male idol group project and is made up of different groups based in several countries around the world. NCT 127 is the 2nd sub-unit from the project and is based in Seoul.

The sub-unit made their debut with “Fire Truck“. NCT 127 was originally comprised of 7 members, namely, Taeil, Taeyong, Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, and Haechan, but added 2 members – Johnny and Doyoung – in January 2017 for “Limitless“.

Their latest album can be streamed via Spotify.

For more info, visit NCT 127 ’s official microsite and Facebook page.

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