Awww, another K-Pop couple has emerged!

Dispatch has revealed that rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae and FTISLAND‘s lead guitarist Choi Jong Hoon are dating. The news site revealed the news today (Wednesday, 14th June) and disclosed several photos of the couple together.

Source: Dispatch

Although Son Yeon Jae’s rep and FNC Entertainment have yet to confirm or deny the news, Dispatch reported that the couple were spotted on a date together recently on 27th May. Both parties were also said to have met fairly recent in February and have only been together for 3 months.


A close friend was also quoted as saying, “Choi Jong Hoon loves to make people laugh and Yeon Jae loves to laugh. They’re both such happy people and they’re a great match in everything starting from their personality to their hobbies. They refuse to stop talking.

Dispatch also revealed that Choi Jong Hoon threw a surprise birthday party for Son Yeon Jae and was a true gentleman to her. “He was a true gentleman, holding her bouquet of flowers for her and even opening the door to her car for her,” the close friend said.

The 2 have also been open with their relationship, with Son Yeon Jae being spotted at FTISLAND’s Japanese tour. A close friend of the Olympian said, “Son Yeon Jae loves band music, she’s a band mania.

Shortly before the concert on 1st June, the pair were also seen enjoying themselves at an amusement park in Japan.

We’ll update you with their label’s official statements as soon as we have ’em.

UPDATE (14th June, 4:05pm):

Choi Jong Hoon’s label has confirmed the good news!

In a short statement, FNC Entertainment affirmed that the couple was seeing each other romantically. It read, “After confirming with (Jong Hoon), we were told they’ve been carefully getting to know each other recently. Please look at their relationship kindly.


Congratulations to them ❤️

Sources: Koreaboo, allkpop.

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