Scam alert!

When event promoter/organiser PR Worldwide announced that Ed Sheeran will be returning to Kuala Lumpur this year as part of his “÷ Tour (Divide Tour)”, fans already anticipated a “Game of Thrones”-worthy battle for concert tickets.

True enough, Ed Sheeran’s tickets were snapped up within hours of the release, and scalpers started reselling them at absurdly high prices soon after.


Despite PR Worldwide confirming that they’ll be invalidating (read: blacklisting) resold tickets, some touts are still attempting to “let go” of them, using Facebook as a means to sell. And as with most purchases/transactions made over social media, there’s always a high chance that netizens are putting themselves (or their finances) at risk.

Facebook user Sher Leen Wee shared a post yesterday (Monday, 12th Jun 2017) detailing how she was recently duped into buying Ed Sheeran tickets from one Siti Husna Roslan.

She shared a screenshot of Siti’s Facebook profile and wrote, “Do not buy tickets from this Facebook account user. Its a scam! Thinking that she had tickets, I made a deal with her to transfer 50% of funds for 2 tickets, she will then forward me the e-mail confirmation of tickets. Subsequently then i will send her the next 50%. What happened was I transferred 50% and she refused to send me the e-mail confirmation stating that her boyfriend said it is unsafe and I might not pay the other 50% etc. She insisted I instant transfer the next RM350 first.”

Source: Sher Leen Wee’s Facebook profile

“The dodge part is I told her I won’t cheat her and I am willing to provide my IC number, phone number, work address etc but she was not interested in any of this. Also gave much excuses for COD and want to just ‘settle’ here by way of me transferring me more money,” Sher Leen added.

Sher Leen also said that she enquired with the other Facebook users who had asked Siti to PM (private message) to purchase. The other users confirmed that they too had transferred money to Siti but received no e-mail confirmations. “They had transferred RM900 and RM700 separately and had no email confirmations. Her lame excuse then was that her boyfriend wanted to increase the price from RM350 to RM420 so they had to transfer more money to get the tickets,” Sher Leen revealed.

Source: Facebook

Sher Leen is not alone, though. One other Facebook user (refer to the screenshot above) wrote that he, too, was duped by Siti.

According to the details provided on Siti’s Facebook profile, she’s an accounting graduate from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Kedah. Siti listed “own business” as her occupation and it is also stated that she is currently living in Penang, although we can’t verify the information.


FYI, Sher Leen found Siti via the Ed Sheeran Malaysia Facebook page. A quick check confirmed that Siti was in fact using the Facebook page as an avenue to “sell tickets”. She also posted up several “want to sell” posts on other Facebook pages.

Source: Ed Sheeran Malaysia Facebook page

Don’t make purchases/transactions over social media, peeps! Tell your family, tell your friends.

Source: Facebook.

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